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Squad Stream

Recent marketing campaign


Squad Stream is one of the many features on Twitch – a fast and easy way for up to four creators to go live and stream together in one window. It’s the next way to watch and play together.



Chosen Concept

We’ve always played together.

“Squad Stream is not new, it’s an evolution of how we’ve always played. From co-op NES with your sister, to split-screen Goldeneye sleepovers, to Halo in the dorms, we’ve always played together. This campaign draws upon that nostalgia, the shared joy of gaming together, while ushering in Squad Stream as the next part of that experience.”


Squad Stream is the most recent campaign I worked on. I designed the marketing creative from concept to execution, and assisted in art directing the video for the product launch.

Click to check out the blog!

Click to check out the blog!


House ads


Various Projects

Just a few of the smaller projects and one-offs I designed throughout my time at Twitch.