TwitchCon 2018


TwitchCon 2018 was all that makes Twitch incredible, IRL. It was a representation and manifestation of the Twitch community, experiences, brand, and people. Twitch is multiplayer entertainment and the community is the secret ingredient. This convention has grown from an annual event first starting in 2015, to being a biannual, traveling event going all the way to Europe in 2019.



TwitchCon North America 2018 and Europe 2019 Theme

All together now.

“When millions of people with thousands of interests come together live in an explosion of gaming and pop culture, Twitch is what happens. And it’s a super powerful thing that can create unforgettable moments. Hell, it even brought Bob Ross back from the dead. TwitchCon celebrates that uniquely Twitch way of coming together by bringing the magic into the real world.”


Led the design and execution of the onsite branding system, taking on the roles of an experiential designer, graphic designer, event coordinator, and production artist. Created and implemented a way-finding signage system and guidelines, and contributed to the design of the overall visual identity, website, and main stage.


The Visual Identity

This year focused on the representation of our diverse community coming together — worlds colliding, with an explosion of fun, vibrant, quirky energy. Each shape and pattern had its own meaning and place in the identity, abstractly representing aspects of gaming and pop culture within Twitch.


Largely contributed to the onsite brand activations, designing how fans and attendees can interact with the Twitch brand IRL.


TwitchCon 2019 Below


TwitchCon Europe 2019

TwitchCon became a biannual event in 2019, traveling all the way to Berlin, Germany, paving the way for TwitchCon North America 2019 in San Diego, California. For our first time in Europe, we wanted to ensure everyone could have the same experiential opportunities as those who got to attend TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, California. This meant using a similar branding system and brand activations that were implemented in 2018.

Now that TwitchCon was a biannual event, we needed a landing page that acted as an interstitial, directing users to their TwitchCon location of choice. I designed and prototyped this page, working with our web designers, to reflect the 2018 visual language, and to act as a simple "choose your flavor" moment before diving into the site details.